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Business IT Infrastructure

Asset monitoring

Monitor to ensure the full functioning and offer of services and products.

Monitoring the assets of a business is one of the most important actions to ensure the full functioning and offer of services and products. In this sense, we offer a complete service using the Zabbix server. Conceptually speaking, asset monitoring works with real-time simulation of how users tend to behave at certain points in the system. That is, it is a way of measuring how the network is performing and how it behaves with requests. It is important to point out that this is not a simulation of attacks nor a way to monitor real users. In fact, asset monitoring will rely on these users to create its own simulation and test the response obtained by the systems. In addition, asset monitoring will also help in understanding how the network can be modified to improve its final performance, generating a better and more efficient response.

How important is asset tracking?

When modeling and configuring systems, it is natural to expect full operation without major complications. However, it is not always possible to have this guarantee completely at the time of development. In addition, monitoring and analyzing day-to-day behavior is considered a basic attitude, especially if you think about the constant change that the network can suffer from accesses and requests. Because of this, carrying out asset monitoring is one of the most efficient ways to try to ensure the complete functioning of your system. In addition to a security issue, monitoring also helps to ensure one of the pillars of information security: availability. Through monitoring, it is possible to know, for example, whether your system is capable of withstanding a sudden increase and a change in user behavior. Since, of course, it is almost impossible to predict these more sudden changes. Carrying out the monitoring depends on specialized software and professionals in the area, therefore, all our services are carried out through the Zabbix server, one of the main systems for monitoring assets on the market.

Zabbix Server

Zabbix server is a network monitoring software, being completely open source, it is ideal to have an x-ray of the functioning of your business. Thus, it is possible to have access to complete and explanatory reports, bringing with details how your network is behaving at the moment. In addition, the system also allows a notification system, responsible for providing real-time visibility so that actions can be taken. The great advantage of using Zabbix is ​​its versatility regarding the size of companies. Regardless of whether you have a small, medium or large company, it becomes extremely functional and capable of delivering the expected results. Likewise, it is often used for future planning, as mentioned above. With well-produced reports, you can access a possibility of future planning for capacity improvement. You can hardly have this systemic view just based on achism and daily visualization.
Because of this, having specialized software on the subject is capable of helping a lot in decision making. In general, we can mention some of the Zabbix Server monitoring features: With this, it is possible to perceive that it is a complete software, capable of helping and giving ways for the company to carry out its internal improvement actions.

Com isso, é possível perceber que se trata de um software completo, capaz de auxiliar e dar caminhos para a empresa realizar suas ações de melhorias internas.

That is, without the need for an agent, applied to several protocols;
In an automatic item discovery;
Low Level Discovery
When metrics are discovered when certain items are selected, properly monitored.


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