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Virtual Workstation

The great advancement of Remote Work

Remote work came with a great need for companies to adapt. Among these adaptations, the main one is the connection with the company's systems to be able to carry out necessary work. Generally, connections are made via VPN, a simpler and more direct connection to the systems. However, it is not the safest action to take. In this sense, learn a little more about our virtual workstation service and the advantages of implementing this digital solution in your company. After all, security is never too much nowadays, and your company cannot have its systems unduly exposed.

How does a virtual workstation work ?

A virtual workstation will mainly try to be a replica of the company's original machine, with all known files, programs and systems. However, this station is only accessed in the cloud, on the network, and not in the physical sector. In other words, a virtual computer will mirror the same operating system previously used, and can be accessed from anywhere in the world, just by logging into the corporate network. In practice, all security applications are also added to the stations, making them work as a kind of security. With this, the client starts to directly access this virtual machine, and not the physical machine. This type of shielding is essential to ensure security, as it prevents malicious software from being sent during the processes carried out. Currently, many companies still opt for the simple connection via VPN. However, this type of connection goes directly to the company's computing infrastructure, causing strong exposure to viruses and attacks. Our service is completely focused on creating virtual workstations to protect your company, your employees and your customers!


In addition to the security mentioned above, it is also possible to find other advantages in hiring the virtual workstation service:
With virtual stations, your employees can access the company's systems from anywhere in the world, simply by connecting directly to the network. Therefore, it ends up contributing a lot to the agility of the processes.
More than one user
When the stations are virtual, you can use the same machine for more than one person, especially when there are different shifts and an obvious division can be made.
Because it is something personalized, support is easier, faster and standardized. In addition, the needs can be centralized in a single center, responsible for the maintenance of the stations as a whole.
Secure data
Speaking of security, another important point is the fact that the data center is located in large companies and reference in the subject. Therefore, it ends up being an efficient way to avoid problems of loss of information or any other inconvenience due to lack of data security.

How it works

First, we carried out a consultancy to explain the process in detail, including the advantages and differences of the virtual work system for a common VPN connection, for example. Afterwards, we conduct a requirements survey and establish priorities with the company to determine what the next steps will be, including implementation and monitoring. All decisions taken for the implementation are carried out with the help of the company, to ensure that everything is within the process already carried out traditionally. Finally, after implementation, we also offer complete support for maintaining and monitoring results.


If you want to have a well-built, secure website that will add value to your business, we are ready to serve you in the best possible way. Get in touch, schedule your meeting and let's put your business to grow on the internet.