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Git Repository

Solutions to enable processes asynchronously

With the increase in remote work worldwide, several companies needed to find solutions to enable processes asynchronously, especially in the technology sector. For this, one of the most efficient solutions is to create a GIT Repository, which is basically a large private git repository, especially for companies or people who want to have their own servers. In practice, this means that the company no longer depends on third-party servers, which would always be subject to instability problems, system outages or other problems that the company itself cannot control. Having your own server online is an important step towards having more autonomy, giving more scope to the team that will use it, in addition to guaranteeing the security of developments based only on the specifications of the created server. With this, the company ceases to depend on a third-party server and starts to control its own applications. To implement this service, we performed the installation and configuration of the GitLab server, one of the main systems nowadays.

Com isso, a empresa deixa de depender do servidor de terceiros e passa a controlar suas próprias aplicações. Para implementar esse serviço, realizamos a instalação e configuração do GitLab server, um dos principais sistemas hoje em dia.

How does Gitlab work ?

Gitlab server works as a great git manager, capable of creating private servers for systems to run depending only on who created it. Furthermore, installing and configuring gitlab is simpler than other repositories. To get an idea of ​​the size of the repository, gitlab is used by giant companies worldwide, such as IBM, Alibaba and NASA itself. That is, it is a server capable of covering and handling a high number of requests and calls. With this, we can find several advantages in using a private repository, especially when dealing with a server capable of offering good performance even when requested in an expressive way. The use of gitlab server is highly recommended for anyone who wants to have more organized and, above all, efficient technical development processes. Through it, it is possible to control in a practical way the versions that can or cannot be uploaded in projects that are in progress. Likewise, it ends up becoming a great training space for new employees, which also facilitates integration. There are many possible applications for a git repository within a company, and knowing these possibilities can open new doors for your performance.

How to use a git repository in the enterprise?

The main application is to have a centralization of information about a certain project. In this case, all employees involved can have easy access to the project description, needs and next steps, helping with communication. This type of action inhibits, among other things, mistaken climbs and possible loss of systems, information and data. In practice, having a dedicated and exclusive server is one of the best ways of managing activities within a company. When this repository exists, each person involved in the action can have a clearer view of what their tasks will be and what is expected of each one of them. Likewise, it is possible to even monitor actions and updates. All these features directly contribute to the success of the company, in addition to being a great tool for communication between teams. Currently, there are more than 3 million companies that use repositories services for their business.


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