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Password Vault

Prevent attackers from gaining access to accounts with low strength passwords

Passwords are essential information security items, even more so when we are dealing with a corporate environment, where there is a lot of sensitive and confidential data. Using weak or the same passwords for all systems is a well-known mistake, but unfortunately still very much committed by large corporations. Generally, password creation and change policies are not well established and enforced. The password vault will act as a centralizing system, capable of preventing intruders from gaining access to systems just because of poorly created passwords with low protection strength. Depending on the system used for this, you may even have a functional restriction, making employees only access sectors with permission for each function they occupy in the company. The main advantage of using the password vault is the encryption implemented, making the system itself very safe to store the access keys. In our service, we carry out the implementation of the system that best meets the needs of your company. Despite the preference for opensource systems, we mainly seek to implement the system that has managed to get closer to the minimum requirements of your business. Knowing this, let's get to know a little about the advantages of using the password vault.

Apesar da preferência pelos sistemas opensource, buscamos principalmente implementar o sistema que tenha conseguido chegar mais próximo dos requisitos mínimos do seu negócio. Sabendo disso, vamos conhecer um pouco das vantagens de uso do cofre de senhas.

Password vault modalities

Currently, two password vault models can be created, the one installed directly on the desktop, locally, and the model that uses cloud computing. Although the cloud is the main choice for several reasons, the local model still has strength in the market. Opting for the local model, although functional, can expose your company to the known problems of any system that runs on physical machines. Therefore, opting for a virtual system is an ever more interesting option. In our service, we use what best suits your business at the moment, always with the recommendation to study the corporate environment and how your employees would adapt to this new password use model. Regardless of the model, the need to create a policy capable of determining the precautions that need to be taken is evident. Thus, knowing the advantages of this service is an important step.


We have already mentioned the fragility of letting each employee create, manage and modify passwords for corporate systems and applications. With that in mind, we can highlight some advantages for joining the password vault. Having a password vault gives the company the freedom to carry out its day-to-day actions in a simpler and safer way, avoiding intruders in every way and guaranteeing data protection in accordance with basic security standards.

Ter um cofre de senha dá para a empresa a liberdade de realizar suas ações no dia a dia de maneira mais simples e segura, evitando de todas as formas a ação de invasores e garantindo a proteção de dados de acordo com as normas básicas de segurança.

No reuse
One of the major problems is the fact that employees use the same passwords for all possible applications and systems, considerably facilitating access to different systems and applications.
All important passwords will always be stored within a single environment, specified for each employee with their respective access keys.
If necessary, a good password vault also allows passwords to be shared in a secure, centralized and supervised way, preventing theft of information or unauthorized access.
Data protection
The most important of all the reasons cited is the protection of sensitive, confidential data that cannot fall into the hands of intruders. Usually, this is data from customers, suppliers or business partners.


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