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Technology solutions for home use


Quality and performance

For those who are in the computer games team, you certainly know how difficult it is to find a good infrastructure to handle all those games, right? With that in mind, we offer a complete support service for the construction of this space. We know the need for hardware for gamer use, including the need for well-defined images and an fps that allows the game to run. So, by hiring our service aimed at gamers, you can have this structure designed exclusively for your space.

Gamer Infrastructure?

When we talk about gamer computing infrastructure, we are facing a greater need for hardware to run programs and applications considered heavy. In addition, the player needs to have a system capable of holding for hours in good quality. Therefore, it is normal that it seems to be a very expensive structure, but in fact, you only need the support of trained professionals. When opting for the service, you will go through the entire questionnaire step that we will talk about below. With this, it is possible to understand what are the expected games, its line of action, how much you will use it daily and how much it requires from a computer system. Once this is done, you will be more able to keep your games with good image, audio, playability and usability qualities. Thus, we can define the gamer computational infrastructure as the combination of all the necessary equipment to have a good gameplay, regardless of what its focus is.

How it works?

Maybe you're still wondering how exactly this service model would work, so let's talk a little more about it and how it can help you. In all, we carried out at least four steps, described below. In addition to installing, we also carry out the entire process of adapting the equipment to the so-called technical standards, leaving the environment well equipped and, more than that, safe.

Além de instalar, também realizamos todo o processo de adequar os equipamentos com as chamadas normas técnicas, deixando o ambiente bem equipado e, mais do que isso, seguro.

Requirements analysis
The most important part of the entire project, the requirements analysis is done as soon as you contact us requesting our services. With it, we can ask questions to better understand your need and what would actually make a difference in your daily use. In addition, it is at this moment that you have complete freedom to say a little more than you expect, aligning expectations so that everything goes as smoothly as possible. In this case, we also survey the technical aspects of your residence, such as support capacity, installation and use of the equipment studied below.
Prototype layout
After a lot of theoretical part putting together a true summary of everything you expect in your gamer computational infrastructure, we carried out the layout of the prototype. With this layout, you can directly analyze what the finished project would look like. It is also thanks to the prototype that we were able to list which products would be used for the entire infrastructure, facilitating the customer's visualization and our future research. With this, we guarantee that everything goes exactly as expected and talked about during the first stage.
In the budget part, we will select all the necessary products for the prototype to become a reality. That is, we budgeted the values ​​of all equipment and the total cost of implementing the infrastructure. During the budget, the total cost of the project starts to become more tangible for the client, in addition to becoming easier to visualize.
Installation and compliance with standards

If everything goes well and the customer accepts the proposed budget, we carry out the entire installation of the equipment according to the prototype previously defined. In this sense, the customer does not need to worry about this step.


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