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Virtual machine management solution

That virtualization is one of the main processes currently for the vast majority of companies is nothing new. There is constantly the process of migrating completely physical servers to virtual machines. When this process is carried out, many times, the necessary alignments on how the management of all created virtual machines will be done is left out. With that, Proxmox emerges as a possible solution for this management, making it easier to understand what happens on each machine, in addition to accelerating the process of possible problem resolutions.

What is Proxmox?

Directly speaking, proxmox is a platform with a completely web interface, that is, easy to understand and usability, used to observe in a macro way the virtual machines existing in that network. In this way, you can fine-tune resource sizing, improve machine efficiency, and in some cases reduce known costs. As for the technical part, the platform is directly integrated with the KVM hypervisor and LXC containers. The great advantage of using proxmox, and which justifies our service, is the ease it brings to your company. After all, around here, there is no need to use command terminals, everything is done in a simple way, on the screen. One of the most important parts, and which is our responsibility to explain, treat and help with construction, is to have the basic equipment for proxmov to be implemented. There is a hardware specificity required for installation. However, we provide all assistance in this regard, helping with the choices and organizing the implementation.

Reasons to choose Proxmox

Despite virtualization already being the present and not just the near future, it is still common to find some people having doubts about the reasons for opting for proxmox. Our service is based only on the use of tools that work and that will, in fact, generate good results for companies. Of course, it all depends on your business and which market you are in. Even so, some benefits are very apparent and deserve our attention, such as:
We know that when creating a virtual machine, you need to determine all its characteristics and what needs to be used. For example, it determines memory, processing, disk space, and various other specifications. With proxmox, in addition to this initial definition, you can still modify these same characteristics of machines that are already in production. That is, machines already in use can have their spaces expanded if necessary, but also reduced. This possibility of decrease can be crucial. After all, it is what can ensure that you save resources when realizing that the machine does not need all the memory offered.
Optimization of physical space
Perhaps the main advantage of virtualization is that the company is no longer directly dependent on the creation and maintenance of predominantly physical spaces. Through virtual machines, this dependency is reduced, reducing costs and optimizing processes.
Using a platform that allows you to manage machines as a whole causes the so-called centralization effect. In practice, centralizing management is ideal for organizing the actions of the company as a whole. With this implementation, the traditional queues for conflict resolution, or the lack of knowledge about what is happening on other servers, cease to exist.
Currently, it is difficult to get older systems, such as banking, to migrate to updated operating systems. Typically, they are more rigid constructions, which do not allow for as much migration. Therefore, the use of the machines allows you to use old systems, facilitating this compatibility and allowing the complete use of the systems.


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