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Preservation of collections

Digitization of Collections

Digitizing collections is an important task

The digitization of collections is considered today as one of the best solutions to avoid the loss and misplacement of important documents. Therefore, companies as a whole began to seek more about the practice. Digitizing collections is an important task, and must be carried out using the technical standards used at each stage of its operation. Thus, we offer a complete digitalization service, covering the entire project and ensuring that the company is carrying out the process properly. It is important to note, for example, that the lack of compliance with the rules can lead to the loss of legal validity of these documents, which would mean that they do not have the desired effect, in addition to losing the minimum conditions for action.

Information to be included in the process

The process of digitizing collections must follow an obligation to have metadata built before and during the process. This is one more of the technical norms, and a full investigation needs to be carried out. Hiring our services, we take care of all this adequacy and assembly of the necessary information for each stage.

So, even before starting the scan, the following information is required:

  • Assessment and diagnosis of the collection;
  • Origin;
  • Joint or individual descriptions;
  • Property rights;
  • Preservation management;
  • Location;
  • Use.

Already during the process, there is also some basic information that needs to be contained in the collections, namely:

  • Justifications for use;
  • Capture methods;
  • Hardware;
  • Software;
  • Resolution;
  • Color;
  • Dimension;
  • Nature of modifications;
  • Versions and dates;
  • File names and their respective paths.

Of course there are other needs in terms of information, to find out more, just contact us and learn more about the service.

Reasons for digitizing collections

Despite being a widespread and highly recommended practice, it is common that many companies are still unsure about carrying out this activity or not. Knowing this, we brought the main reasons for digitizing the collections:

With digitized documents, the company contributes to wider access, mainly through the development of technology as a whole. In this way, it would not be restricted to physical documents and the need to go to the location.

File playback

Digitization will also allow non-digital collections to follow a new path, with structures different from those of the originals. This ability to play files in a different way ends up being positive for the company.


Undoubtedly, the main motivation for digitizing collections is the preservation of documents, especially against external factors that may somehow cause adverse effects.

How digitization can be employed

The main doubt regarding the digitization of collections is how to implement it in the company, mainly with regard to software and hardware. In this case, we also act with all determination and a consultancy to specify this equipment.

In general, some equipment that can be used to capture images are:

  • Desktop scanners;
  • Planetary scanners;
  • Digital cameras;
  • Negative scanning equipment;
  • Photographic slides;
  • Equipment for digitizing microforms;
  • Production scanners

These are just a few examples of the equipment needed to digitize collections, along with their specific software for processing, correcting and adapting digitized images. The correct use of the applications and all the steps within the technical standards is what will guarantee that your company does not suffer the sanctions that we have previously mentioned.


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