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Website implementation service

Secure Site Seal

Give more confidence to internet users

We offer the service of adapting your site to obtain the secure site seal, responsible for bringing more confidence to users on the internet. With it, your business can get ahead of the competition by being closer to users.
In our service, we carry out all the adjustments for the issuance of the seal, so that you can place it on your website or in your virtual store and bring even more sales possibilities. In addition, there is all the protection against web attacks and vulnerabilities.
The secure site seal is already an item sought after by users as soon as they enter any site, causing many of them to give up on the purchase just because they cannot find the symbol. In this sense, it became a business necessity.

How important is the secure site seal?

Going straight to the point, the secure site seal is seen as a guarantee on the part of customers, that is, it makes one have confidence and security to act on the site. In a practical example, if you go to two websites to buy a computer, with the same value and ratings, what can make the difference?

In this case, if one of the sites has the secure site seal, the customer is more likely to choose this one, as it brings greater security to the purchase. After all, no one wants to put money into a site that won't deliver the final product, in addition to keeping their money.

Because of this, the great importance of the seal is to bring this security to the customer, often being the big difference to make the user complete the purchase. In addition, the secure site seal also helps your site rank on Google.

For Google, sites that have the security seal are a priority, passing them ahead of competitors in online searches, which is an incentive for sales and access as well.

In this sense, the secure site seal is an essential item for those who want to be more relevant on the internet. After all, consumers are increasingly demanding and discerning.

What types of secure site seal?

As it is a very broad topic, there are a variety of seals for a site to be considered safe, each with a specific focus.

Knowing this, we can assign the following seals to a website:

1. SSL

The SSL certificate is one of the best known and most seen on the market. Basically, it concerns the padlock that we see daily on websites on the internet. In it, basically, the website is given a confirmation that the company that names the website is in fact the company that owns it.

2. Trusted Store

The trusted store seal is given from positive reviews and images of the brand that is selling the products. With that, when a site has it, it means that in fact the sales made were well evaluated and the products arrived in good condition.

3. Armored Website

The armored site is an analysis performed on the site, measuring performance indicators to assess the security of the system. Thus, several tests are performed to find possible security flaws when accessing.
If everything is ok, the site can use a seal in its scope, showing users that the analysis was performed and approved in the current system. Therefore, it is one of the most sought after by companies today.


If you want to have more relevance on the internet and bring more confidence so that users will become real customers of your business, invest in security and exposure. In that case, just contact us to learn more about our secure site seal service!