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Information security

Phishing Campaign

It has been used to apply blows

Phishing campaign is the name given to an attack that consists of sending several emails using false addresses, pretending to be a public body. Thus, the attacker places a malware in its content in the form of invoices, activated as soon as the victim clicks on the document. Different from what most people expect, this is one more piece of malware that will not show any reaction at the time of the click. In fact, the malware is just placed inside the affected machine, remaining unresponsive until the attacker actually executes it. Currently, the phishing campaign has been used to apply scams in the financial sector, mainly related to banks. Generally, e-mails are used with important names such as "city hall" or something along those lines. Our service is ideal for anyone who wants to protect themselves from this type of attack, understanding more about how it works and what are the best practices to avoid falling into more traditional traps. For this, a series of recommendations are given, such as checking the sender's e-mail, not just your name appearing in the message. Often, despite a correct name, the email user is surrounded by random letters, making it clear that it is something dangerous and unofficial as it seemed at first.

What is phishing?

The first step to start protecting yourself from a phishing campaign attack is to understand, in essence, what phishing actually is. In this sense, we can conceptualize it as the act of fishing for information and data of a certain user, using deception.

This deception occurs in a very masked way, where attackers only place false information or a false web page for the user to fill in with their information. For this, the attacker assembles a page completely similar to the original, making it almost impossible to perceive it at first.

In addition, it can also be done by phone or email, pretending to be someone else, usually causing confidence in the victim, causing the release of the data sought. Thus, phishing is considered one of the most common and most effective attacks, as its data theft rate is extremely high.

The big offender for this is the lack of information and care on the part of users when navigating through web pages. Thus, our service is completely focused on showing which are the best ways for those who want to protect themselves from this type of problem. In addition, we carry out a system installation service to block any type of capture of business information.

What we offer

Within the phishing campaign service, your business may receive:

Advice and definition of the necessary steps to better understand the system, how a campaign works and how your company should behave to avoid this type of problem. With the consultancy, you will be able to make straightforward and well-thought-out data protection decisions.
We put into practice the necessary services to protect data and business systems, acting directly to combat this type of attack. In the implementation, all the reconnaissance work is done to create an action plan.
Even after the initial completion of the process, we act as support, providing all the maintenance so that everything happens correctly afterwards. Likewise, we can also support your own implementation.
Awareness training
The best weapon against the phishing campaign is information, knowledge about the case and how to identify possible attacks. For this reason, we offer complete training for you and your employees, assisting in decision-making and in the barrier against any damage to the business.


The main benefits of contracting the service are:

Protect company files
One of the biggest problems with virtual attacks is the loss of important files that contribute to the management of the affected company. In this case, data dealing with financial and database for inventory control can be stolen. The theft of this information could mean, among other things, that your company could lose a competitive advantage if it fell into the wrong hands.
Protection for customer data
Another major loss for a company during an attack is the leakage of customer data, many of which are sensitive. In this sense, in addition to the financial loss of possible lawsuits, the company still runs the risk of having its credibility lost given the proportions of a given attack.
The prevention service against phishing campaigns brings total real-time monitoring of everything that may be reaching the company's network. In addition, reports are constantly delivered for analysis and decision on what the next steps would be.


If you want to have a well-built, secure website that will add value to your business, we are ready to serve you in the best possible way. Get in touch, schedule your meeting and let's put your business to grow on the internet.