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Protect your information and confidential data.

Information security has been on the agenda of the most diverse studies these days, especially when we think about the high number of attacks that have been taking place. Knowing this, companies tend to seek increasingly effective solutions to protect their confidential information and data. One of the main security barriers, and also one of the most effective, is the so-called firewall, which can be installed in different sectors of the systems and help to combat intrusions. Because of this, having a good firewall installed is an extra guarantee of security and difficulties for a possible attacker. To better understand our services and the benefits offered, let's quickly summarize what this technology is.

What is Firewall ?

The firewall is a system or device responsible for monitoring the entry and exit of a network, performing a kind of evaluation to let or not enter the main network. In general, it can act to evaluate each request received or in a specific way. When it acts in a more targeted way, it is usually linked to a series of rules and is used together with other systems and other security devices. Altogether, the firewall has been in operation for almost 30 years and remains one of the most effective solutions in the world. Because it has such a strong performance, it is possible to identify a series of types of firewall, especially when planning something more aimed at protecting a certain vulnerability. Many people believe that the firewall is just a system, a piece of software. However, currently, it is already possible to use it in several ways, including as hardware.

How it works

Knowing the importance of a firewall, we prepared a complete cycle service, that is, with monitoring from start to finish of what we understand to be the system installation cycle. To do this, we follow a few steps:
In the diagnostic part, we will analyze all the vulnerabilities that your company may have with regard to systems, services and servers. With this, it is possible to identify not only where the points of improvement are, but also to know which types of firewall would best suit your reality. Although the firewall is universal and works for everyone, its implementation will depend directly on the system you want to protect. That is, while company X protects its web server, in company Y it can be a barrier to the database.
During the implementation, the actual installation of the firewall in the business systems takes place, including adapting possible technologies so that the process occurs correctly. At this stage, the entire process is closely monitored, and you will be aware of everything that is being done to complete it. In addition, we also present our work plan, that is, everything is installed on your systems after prior authorization.
Once installed, the firewall needs to be managed, that is, closely monitor its results and what it can say about that service itself. For example, you can find out how your rejection rate is and the reasons for it. Managing this application is directly linked to performance reports and results obtained. Thus, it is possible to follow and understand the next steps. Furthermore, it is in the management stage that it is possible to determine if the location was strategically chosen and if it is giving the expected results. In this way, it is possible to make changes or plan new action strategies.
Despite being a system that works alone and is sufficient, like any application, it is necessary to carry out some negotiations to maintain its operation. That's why we run all this part to make sure the application is working properly.


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