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Suitability of your company for 5S certification

We offer the adaptation service of your company for 5S certification, exclusively focused on quality management in your company. Through our service, all your processes will be mapped and organized in the right way.

The 5S program emerged in Japan and is used worldwide, with enormous relevance in the national and international scenario. Thus, your company can have the best management model and behavior change in a simplified way and in compliance with technical standards.

As it is a Japanese program, the term 5S comes from the combination of 5 words from the language in question. In that case, we have:


Sense of use


Sense of organization


Sense of cleanliness


Sense of standardization


Sense of discipline

Understanding the steps

A virtual store today can be built in several ways, ensuring that you choose what is more within your reach and resource. Even so, relying on the service of professionals for this construction is always the best choice.

It's not enough to just have an online store, it needs to be functional and actually bring people to your business. For example, there is no point in having the website up and running if the basic functionalities do not work, such as adding the product to the cart, bookmarking a product, among others.

Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of not relying on professionals to build their virtual stores, and this ends up causing headaches in the future. After all, an online store needs to be thought of in every detail, such as the visual and intuitive side for your customer.

Sense of utilization

Less polluted work environment, showing only what is, in fact, used in the day-to-day of your company by your employees. In practice, it means structuring your environment for better productivity.

Sense of organization

All objects removed from the first step, as they are not used much, are properly stored and labeled with their functions.

Sense of cleanliness

Going in the most concrete concept of the word, the sense of cleanliness is directly linked to avoiding possible smells, noises or problems with the physical structure of the workplace as a whole.

Sense of standardization

Definition of those responsible for constantly redoing all the initially proposed steps, so that it becomes an effective routine in the company.

Sense of discipline

Each employee performs their role and understands why they are doing certain actions. That is, it is the key to the entire final process of 5S


Speaking now about the advantages that other companies already perceive with just this implementation, we can mention, mainly, the increase in the quality of the product. This is a simple process, the greater the organization of what is done, the higher the quality of it.

And that's exactly why you can count on our services, seeking to apply the 5S method and your productions start to have better results. Not only for quality, but productivity is extremely superior.

Another great perceived advantage is the ease of perceiving possible errors or problems in the process. By being well organized, your company will be able to notice that something is wrong in one of its processes, in a simple and easy way.

Finally, what we also highlight in our performance by offering this service is the fact that it helps to prevent accidents at work. By acting directly to improve the space, its employees now have more security to carry out their activities.

Consequently, the environment as a whole is better, not only physical but also the climate among all those involved.

ISO 9001

The 5S system, in addition to being great for your company by itself, also helps in the process of acquiring ISO 9001 certification, one of the most coveted on the market. After all, it ensures the international quality of its service.

Consequently, your company having this certification, becomes a highlight outside the country, since it is extremely important to have its processes regulated.

In Brazil, everything is regulated by the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards. Despite not being enough to remove the entire certification, the 5S program manages to cover more than half of the necessary points. Also, it's a great way to get to the final certification.


If you want to have a well-built, secure website that will add value to your business, we are ready to serve you in the best possible way. Get in touch, schedule your meeting and let's put your business to grow on the internet.