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Preservation of collections

Trusted Archival Repository

Best storage options on the market

Where a company's digital assets are located is one of the most important decisions for any business. In this sense, the Reliable Archival Repository is one of the best storage options on the market. With our service, you will be able to count on a complete structuring of your business in the RDC-AR, with the necessary specifications to adapt your company and place your collections in safer and more reliable places. Maintaining the integrity of files is a primary task and must be performed by all companies. So, to learn more about our service, let's talk about the main features of the repository. We work with a certified team, which knows the applications where the RDC operates, with all the necessary follow-up so that the collections are well protected.

What is the Trusted Archival Repository?

Also called RDC-AR, the Trusted Archival Repository represents a digital environment where you can preserve your collections safely and in compliance with national and international requirements. The entire construction of the RDC is based on Resolution number 43, of September 4, 2015. As with all resolutions that guide archival science, the norm is from the National Council of Archives, that is, CONARQ. The repository has been treated as one of the main functionalities for any company. Therefore, it is of paramount importance to know more about it. In addition, it manages to guarantee the documents in a safe place, free from unauthorized access. Storages are available in several different models, usually open source and with low maintenance costs for the company. For the Trusted Archival Repository to be implemented, it depends on a set of factors, such as: digital preservation policy, assignment of responsibilities, forecast of resources, among others. In practice, it can only be used if you work with the principle of active transparency. That is, customers need to know what activities are carried out. In our service, we take care that you are constantly aware of the steps taken in the storage.

Importance of hiring our service

With the market becoming more and more modern, companies need to join the digital collection as a matter of necessity and improvement. This requires careful work to understand more about each existing document. Through the repository, your documents are divided in a logical way and, mainly, thinking about their preservation.

What should a Trusted Archival Repository have?

In general, the Archival Repository will only be recognized as reliable if it follows a series of criteria established by the CONARQ resolution itself. Thus, the characteristics that the storage must have are:

  • The responsibility for maintaining the materials becomes completely the responsibility of storage, leaving the company's hands;
  • Structured in such a way that it allows the business to prosper in the long term, while also maintaining a safe time for sustaining the files;
  • Transparency in administrative decisions;
  • Transparency of economic situation;
  • Sufficient methodologies to assess all systems and ensure reliability;
  • Make file auditing and security validation policies available.

Even so, always choosing to hire companies that specialize in the subject is the best choice to ensure the use of the correct software. In this case, we act directly in the choice, adjustment of documentation and direct maintenance in the application. It is also important to point out that the use of a Trusted Archival Repository does not exclude the need for a Computerized Archival Document Management System, that is, the SIGAD.


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