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Information Security


We explain you better about this service

Have you heard of Hardening? If the answer is yes, our service is ready to assist you and apply exactly the steps for your business. If the answer is no, let us explain this service to you better, so that you can also protect your business. First, Hardening is conceptualized as a process performed on systems, using tools and techniques to increase their security level, reducing possibilities of attack. In literal translation, it means hardening. Taking it literally, we are in fact talking about putting as many security items as possible in certain software, aiming at its "shielding". In the end, the main objective is to make any type of invasion as difficult as possible

Advantages of implementing Hardening

Attacks are often canceled due to the difficulty encountered, especially when the reward would not be worth the effort. That is, the time and money that the offender would spend to enter, are not rewarded with what he would gain by entering your systems. Usually, most of the most successful attacks start from default settings present in security tools. Thus, they are ports more than known by attackers, making the attack much easier, and almost impossible to avoid. In this sense, our hardening service will be based on the study of tools and practices to increase the security of your business.

What are the implementation steps?

As it is a process, the hardening service goes through some main steps to be considered finished. Accordingly, we carry out all these steps as carefully as possible. Are they:
X-ray of business assets

During the initial analysis phase, all of your company's assets are scanned and ranked according to their level of exposure. That is, if a given system is very exposed to attacks and what are the reasons for this. Within the reasons, we can deal with the system version, which manufacturer (with due reservations), among others. In this case, a complete expertise is carried out on everything that can influence the safety index.

Reference guide

An important stage of hardening is the search for the reference guide, which is nothing more than a model of inspiration present in the market. Thus, the company can have a good basis of what it expects, as well as the service is carried out more assertively.

Implementation level

After choosing the reference, it is necessary to verify all the documentation, on each of the existing levels in the process. The goal is to prevent incompatibility from occurring.

Compatibility - test environment

Speaking of which, the next step would be exactly the use of a non-productive environment, simulating the same, where configurations are carried out and directly tested, evaluating what the results would be.

Compatibility - production environment

With everything tested and validated, all you have to do is gradually transfer the changes to the official and productive environment. Thus, it needs to be done with small percentages of ascent, to evaluate the results. It is usually the most efficient way to cancel the process at the slightest sign of anomalies.


With the process in production, now is the time when tools are used to ensure the efficiency of the application. In this way, they are called stress tests.


In practice, this is what will test whether the production environment identifies anomalies and whether the signals are being issued correctly. That is, the moderators are warned that something is wrong, facilitating the action. Thus, the Hardening implementation service is one of the most important services for any company that seeks to increase its safety indexes.


If you want to have a well-built, secure website that will add value to your business, we are ready to serve you in the best possible way. Get in touch, schedule your meeting and let's put your business to grow on the internet.