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Virtual Machine Managers

The management of virtual machines and their characteristics is an important point when setting up a virtualization plan. Sometimes, the maintenance and follow-up part is a little neglected. In this sense, virtual machine managers appeared on the market, completely focused on enabling this management. In practice, it is the simplest way to have all the necessary information at hand. Specifically speaking of XCP-NG, it is one of the best solutions for the digital environment of companies in the most diverse fields. The first big reason for all the credibility of the platform is its creator company, Citrix. Being one of the main technology companies in the world, it was responsible for the development of this system capable of placing many possibilities directly in the hands of users. So, no spending hours and hours collecting basic information. Now, you can have all the crucial information in a simple way, facilitating your decision making and enabling more commercial action.

Assim, nada de ficar horas e horas coletando as informações básicas. Agora, você pode ter todas as informações cruciais de maneira simples, facilitando a sua tomada de decisão e possibilitando mais atuação comercial.

How XCP-NG came to be

An important part of our service is to make you and your company know in depth the applications that will be implemented. After all, it's your systems, and we're here to adapt them to what's best in the digital world. Basically, the system works as an extension of XenServer, the famous machine management software. Over time, realizing the need for a more inclusive system and with more possibilities to have more fans, XCP-NG emerged as an alternative. With that, now, there is a platform capable of bringing together great features in a more accessible way, in addition to being completely opensource, facilitating possible integrations and improvements in a more effective way. In practice, it is one of the best management software on the market, and deserves to be highlighted for being one of the most sought after on the market today. Therefore, if you are still in doubt, know that we offer the service of one of the best platforms on the market today.

What XCP-NG offers

We can highlight some of the main features of XCP-NG. Before that, we emphasize that the entire implementation of the service starts with an x-ray of your business, understanding the needs and where we can help to improve its internal functioning. In this case, all decisions are made more safely, more effectively, and thinking exclusively about your business. Each implementation is unique, bringing a look directly thought of your company. Thus, some of the features of XCP-NG that are worth highlighting are:
A basic feature of systems that predominantly use the network to operate, the software is highly scalable. In practice, it means that if your business needs to expand for whatever reason, the system is able to keep up with that growth. This tracking can be for several reasons, the main one being an increase in the number of calls to your services that are on virtual machines.
One of the main advantages of using XCP-NG is the ease of use of its system as a whole, having a great modern and well-distributed interface. This ease of use ends up helping a lot when making important decisions for the company.
Security is a guarantee of the XCP-NG system, encompassing all virtual machines existing in its profile. With this, the use can be more peaceful and more carefree, knowing that your systems are safe and in custody of the platform.
One of the system's differentials is its ability to migrate machines from other systems without any service interruption. In addition, the migration can be done internally, with its operation assured.


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