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Preservation of collections


Archivematica is a solution for the digital preservation of documents.

One of the great issues in the world of archival science has always been the preservation of collections. With modern digitalism, it is normal to start dealing with how to digitize these documents. Archivematica is just one of several solutions designed for the digital preservation of documents. Therefore, we offer a complete implementation, requirements analysis and implementation maintenance service. To better understand our service, we need to know better about the tool. So let's talk more about Archivematica

What is Archivematica?

Archivematica is a complete platform for digitizing files in archival science, allowing your company to preserve files in a reliable and secure way. Thus, it is an open source tool, which facilitates its future construction. The entire tool was built on top of the ISO-OAIS standard, that is, it is a set of these rules that unifies its performance. Users can monitor their services just using a web panel. Unlike other platforms, it is not necessary to learn a lot to use the tool, which is easy and practical to use, making the company's day-to-day life more optimized. In short, Archivematica was built with the aim of uploading dissemination information packages, the so-called DIPS. In addition, it uses metadata and copies of the web for any web system.

How was Archivematica shaped?

Within archival science, there is a way to standardize software and be able to consider it safe and usable.

To use Archivematica, some file preservation criteria must be followed, they are:

  • Free specification;
  • No license or patent;
  • The format should have a variety of writing tools.

The selection of file formats is one of our attributions, bringing all the technical part so that the use of the tool is as simplified as possible. With this, we act from the preparation of the files to their passage to the panel.

Reasons to use Archivematica

Now that you've learned a little more about Archivematica and how it works in the most technical part, we can cite some basic reasons for choosing our service, that is, what are the advantages of using this tool.


We have sometimes said that the tool is open source, and this is an important feature, as it will ensure, among other things, transparency on the part of the company. Using the tool, the company was able to ensure that the processing steps are being carried out correctly, in addition to being able to follow everything from start to finish.


One of the high points of the tool is leaving the customization of services in the hands of the user, such as identifying formats, printing orders, examining private content, among others. In this sense, it is possible that the user himself can perform the settings, in a simple and quick way.


Making the company's day-to-day life much easier, and enabling a complete migration of its setup, Archivematica enables the use of the most diverse file formats. With this, it is possible to edit all specifications and create each script based on the file used. Along with this, all of the tool's functionalities can be customized according to the files, including modifying the tool's internal policies.


With the tool, you can perform searches across your backlog, with quick and easy detailing to find whatever it is. In addition, it is possible to manage all storage locations, facilitating final control by the company.

Using a reliable digital file preservation tool is one of the best decisions for any company today. It is a process that is here to stay, and when a good application can be found, it should not be left behind.


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