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Information security

Awareness Lectures

Malicious attacks that expose companies.

Information security is a very necessary issue and, more than that, important for monitoring a company's activities. Currently, it is increasingly common to find news dealing with malicious attacks that expose a company completely. Thinking about it, you can hire the service of awareness lectures for your company, where employees of all levels can learn more about how to protect themselves and the company. In other words, the lectures will provide input for safer work and better practices. Of course, each company has its own model of operation and its own needs regarding what is expected in terms of security. For example, a financial company tends to need a greater number of security steps to protect the database, as they are more sensitive. The big problem with information security today is the lack of information for the vast majority of people, especially for those who don't have much experience in the more technical side of the business. On the other hand, even people who have experience in the area of ​​technology may not be so close to topics involving information security. Because of this, awareness lectures are very efficient to bring this reality into everyday life

Key points of the awareness talk

We offer three main themes as central to a lecture given, which can be adapted to your company model:
Information security
There is no safer way to deal with network attacks than simply knowing more about everything involved in information security. For this, we address the main topics, which are the most common attacks and how your company can better prepare to avoid major losses resulting from invasions.
Despite being a much more present subject than it seems, few people actually talk and debate about the topic. Thus, in the lectures, we try to explain what cyberbulling is, the consequences of this type of action and what can be done if you are a victim of something related to it.
Pedophilia on the internet
One of the most common crimes on the internet, pedophilia is still a taboo topic among most people. We understand the importance of raising awareness, especially parents and guardians of children who have access to the network and, therefore, it is one of the central topics addressed by our team during the awareness lectures.

General topics covered during the lecture

As the name already suggests, the main objective is to raise awareness, bring ideas and thoughts to make people think and reflect their own attitudes. Likewise, it is a way of making people who are not familiar with the subject aware of the importance and dangers of lack of security. That said, some points are the most debated in this type of action, namely: Generally, the more employees learn about the topic, the more difficult it is to carry out a successful attack.

Geralmente, quanto mais os colaboradores aprendem sobre o tema, mais difícil é de conseguir efetuar um ataque bem-sucedido.

Information security principles
Considered as a basic theme of any subject that talks about security, the lectures deal with everything related to the principles that govern this base of actions. That is, topics such as confidentiality, integrity, authenticity, availability, and their variations are discussed. Learning about the principles is the first step in being able to open your mind to what is being addressed in each case. In addition, they are terms that already describe by themselves the objective of this practice.
Attacks and malware
Another important topic that is duly addressed in the lectures concerns virtual attacks and malware, that is, malicious files aimed at stealing information. There are a number of possible attacks and another series of strategies used by attackers. Because of this, listing all of them is an almost impossible task, making it ideal to know about the main ones and what else can affect the company in particular. Note that any company is vulnerable, but there are bigger gaps for one market than for another.
Best practices
Finally, the other central theme of the lecture is to show employees what actions can be taken to avoid falling into possible scams or attacks. That is, it is effectively the part of presenting solutions and preventions. The best way to combat the information security problem is to know as much as possible about it and, above all, to know how to anticipate it. During the lecture, several practices are commented, aiming at greater care in the use of equipment, data and company systems. Awareness lectures cannot by themselves guarantee that no attack will occur, but they increase the chances of defense and preventing something from reaching the end point.


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