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Using the management platform can be the big difference

Cloud computing brought a great revolution in the business market as a whole. Even so, there is still a subject, in this environment, little debated: the management of this computing and these services in the cloud. We work with the cloudStack platform, dedicated exclusively to solving this small planning flaw, bringing a whole configuration of its own to allow the correct use of existing resources. In practice, there is little or no point in thinking about having something that cannot be controlled or managed. At some point, systems will mess up in such a way that the sought-after advantages start to get lost in the process. Using a management platform can make your company stand out from other companies in the field. With that, let's learn more about the platform and how our service can help your business?

What is CloudStack?

CloudStack is a platform that operates exclusively in the Infrastructure as a Service model, that is, IaaS. In this case, it's open source, making it easy to use, maintain, and update. Implemented, the platform will be able to manage all the company's storage, with everything it has today in the cloud and how these resources are currently arranged. Being an IaaS framework, you are mainly ensuring that your technical team has everything they need to implement new applications. CloudStack has become popular mainly because of the autonomy it manages to give companies, as it keeps all systems in the hands of owners, but, however, it is not trapped by traditional computing rules.

What are CloudStack functions?

There is a reasonably large list of functions performed by the cloudstack platform. Therefore, talking about all of them would be unlikely. In this sense, we will bring the main applications of the tool.

The platform manages to bring an overview of everything the company has resources at the moment. This is extremely important information, as it is usually what will lead to new investment decisions being taken.


Another important feature is being able to help developers to implement new remote services, acting as a kind of support or consulting per se.


CloudStack manages, among other things, to make users organized and centrally positioned. With this, it makes life easier for the company itself when it comes to thinking about people's decisions.

Advantages of CloudStack

Some benefits for companies stand out on this platform, such as: It is common that, on an ongoing basis, you receive messages about adapted and improved functionalities, as well as new functions created based on the opinions of other users. It is a complete platform, which constantly seeks to improve more and more, leaving users with the most current features on the market.

With CloudStack, the company is able to optimize the resources it has, making it respond more directly to any drastic change in its systems, whether it be an increase in requests or a decrease in resources that are not being used.


Automating processes considered standard is one of the most efficient ways to avoid so-called human failures and help to fully disseminate the company's needs. Generally, the technical team always goes through difficulties at the time of this routine. With the platform, you can have many tools aimed directly at this automation, mainly seeking to avoid those errors in processes that should not happen.


One of the great advantages of the platform is its constant commitment to always being up to date, always looking for more efficient ways to help users. Indeed, it is a very striking feature.


If you want to have a well-built, secure website that will add value to your business, we are ready to serve you in the best possible way. Get in touch, schedule your meeting and let's put your business to grow on the internet.