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Gain agility with the intranet

Intranets have been gaining a lot of strength in recent years, especially when we talk about security, mobility, agility and concentration of information. In an increasingly globalized world, having access to proprietary systems is an important step.

Having an internal company network means that any and all information can be divided between sectors without risk of being accessed by strangers. In practice, it is an important security issue.

In addition, an intranet facilitates communication between sectors, employees and even between suppliers. Through it, your company can set up an ecosystem that revolves around your business.

What is an intranet? What do we offer in our service?

In general, an intranet is nothing more than an internet for exclusive use by a particular company, organization or group of people. In practice, it is an internet where only the machines of that organization can have access to the system, applications, etc. In this sense, we offer the creation, installation and maintenance of an intranet, establishing the requirements, basic needs and whatever is necessary for the assembly of this internal network.

During the service, it is important that a survey is made of everything that is expected for the network, such as, for example, which files, systems and programs must be contained in this network, and completely out of the reach of external people.
The intranet should be a standard contract for any company, especially considering data and information security. Through it, it is possible to have control of everything that enters and leaves your systems, facilitating the identification of possible dangerous actions or the entry of malicious systems.
It is possible that, within a company, several structures are created within the intranet. With this, you can divide your sectors in an organized and safe way, such as, for example, an exclusive system for the marketing department to disclose its actions.
Likewise, your company may have an exclusive system for employees to open tickets due to network errors, configuration problems or questions in general. Because of this, it ends up being a recommended action whatever the size of your business today.

Advantages of hiring our intranet service

The intranet by itself already brings a series of important advantages that justify its use, mainly to improve the internal structure of your business. Even so, we can mention, as main advantages:


When an intranet is implemented in the company, it is natural to see an increase in productivity among employees. The main reason for this is the fact of centralizing information so that everyone has access more quickly.

Availability of information

We know the importance of availability within a company, as, in general, you never know when decisions will need to be made. Because of this, the intranet is able to guarantee a 24/7 operation, allowing information to be always available to anyone who needs it.


Within a company, communication is a fundamental character for the functioning of any business. With the intranet, we guarantee that your employees can have more flexibility to deal with different matters in a faster and more practical way. In addition, it allows important communications to be passed to everyone at once.


Another great advantage of the intranet is the organization it can bring to your company, especially when we try to strategically divide sectors. Many companies these days work with intranets that divide important teams, such as one space for marketing, another for finance, and so on.


To learn more about our intranet service and how it can help your business, talk to one of our experts and request a quote!