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Save information

is essential for the full exercise of administrative functions

Storing information and having more space on servers is a routine for all companies, since inevitably growing means generating more information without being able to leave the old ones behind. In this sense, having a place to store this information is essential for the full exercise of administrative functions. So today we are going to talk about our storage service. Adhering to storage becomes almost a survival for large companies, especially when we talk about not losing information and preserving their integrity. Remember that information security is a pillar for operation today.

What is a storage?

Storage is nothing more than a company's data and information storage, whether on the network or locally. Even so, it is still possible to be used for other functions, such as, for example, a backup source. Despite having other variations as well, storage is primarily used to increase the storage capacity of servers. It is understood the increase in capacity both to store more data and to optimize the processing of these servers. It is important to remember that memory is one of the main points of a server, and can determine its operation and processing speed.


With a very broad concept, storage presents some types, dividing its characteristics into large groups and establishing some criteria for use.
DAS - Direct Attached Storage

A device connected to computers and works as an addition to space, an extension. With that, it is even used to optimize applications, as it increases space and helps to have more usability. DAS also allows for backups and is widely used for large volumes of information. Because it is directly connected to the machine, the DAS can only be used by one user at a time.

NAS - Network Attached Storage

Connected directly to the network and works almost as a separate system. In part, it is an operating system and is used as its own server. As for its use, it can be seen as a data manager, and can be used by several people, precisely because it is on the network, facilitating information management.

SAN - Storage Area Network

Dedicated storage networks, that is, they are directly connected to the network and have a better performance than the NAS. Naturally, it turns out to be one of the best options for any company. Its security is far superior to other models, in addition to having a faster speed.

Ideal model for your business

Choosing the type of storage and how it will be used within your company's process is an important task, which is why we do it with the necessary care to ensure it works. In practice, the first step is to understand the storage purpose your company is looking for. After all, as we have seen, a type can be more suitable for some functions than others, or even offer a better result just by its operating model. In this way, it is also necessary to have an idea of ​​the necessary capacity, that is, how much your company intends to direct to it and how much your total load should be to handle this redirection.

The time needed and expected to process the data is also an important issue, as it directly influences the optimization aspect. Finally, we also analyze security and what level it is for the data that will be stored. Some data depends on more effective and calculated security, while others can be safe with less need for storage.


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