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Amazon is one of the world's giants

When it comes to virtualization and cloud systems, you can't stop talking about AWS, nor stop considering this migration for your business. That's why we offer your company's implementation service on AWS systems. Amazon is one of the global giants, known for its successful marketplace. However, did you know that, currently, the company's biggest source of income is its cloud system and the storage it does for other companies?

This is mainly due to the complete system that the company was able to set up and consolidate in the market. Nowadays, it is not difficult to find large companies, sometimes even competitors, using AWS services. In this sense, thinking about the virtualization of your company using AWS is not only indicated, but almost necessary. It's the biggest system in the world today, and it can take your company's systems to another stage of functioning. Thus, we carry out the entire diagnostic process, understanding your needs and how much system you would need to have in the cloud. With this, we avoid wasting resources and money, creating a project that fits your business completely.

What is AWS?

Speaking a little more directly about AWS, Amazon Web Services is a cloud services platform, responsible for being the large database of thousands of companies around the world. With AWS, large applications are put to work directly in the cloud, considerably reducing the company's responsibility for its maintenance. In general, AWS may have higher costs for certain sizes of companies. However, this does not mean that one should not at least understand what the project would be like. With the correct development and well-done implementation, the AWS system can be essential for business growth and, consequently, an improvement in the company's results.

Services offered

AWS presents a large portfolio of products and solutions created in the cloud. Therefore, we are ready to implement what is best for you and closest to your goals as an entrepreneur. In this way, the contracting company does not have to worry about system crashes or inoperability, everything continues to work well with Amazon's already known guarantees.

Best known and implemented, the EC2 service refers to the so-called Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud. Conceptually, it is the service for creating virtual machines directly in the cloud. It is one of the main solutions mainly due to its adaptability. As it is a scalable system, resources increase and decrease as the company needs and the business demands. If the number of calls to the system increases, the resources available by the company automatically increase as well. Likewise, if it decreases, the resources are reduced to avoid additional costs.

Cloud Front

The cloud front is a content service, which delivers content in all formats and with security guaranteed by amazon. Thus, it is a good solution to reduce the speed of sending large files, for example. Like EC2, the cloud front is also very scalable, in addition to allowing you to customize the delivery requirements of these thoughtful contents.

Amazon RDS

Basically, the RDS service will be directly linked to the company's database, aimed at managing the instances and handling the necessary data, with backup policies. Despite not being a well-known solution, it has been gaining strength mainly for helping with the general data protection law. After all, the company guarantees backups, restorations and compensation in case of problems.


If you want to have a well-built, secure website that will add value to your business, we are ready to serve you in the best possible way. Get in touch, schedule your meeting and let's put your business to grow on the internet.