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Youtuber e TikTok

Infrastructure for youtuber and tiktoker .

Currently, the most used social networks in the world are tik tok and Youtuber, mainly due to the exponential increase in searches for video content. Because of this, the number of people inclined to work in the niche has grown. Because they are predominantly visual networks, the video sector and image quality are essential to have a chance of success on the network. In practice, it means that there is not much room for unprofessional productions. With that, naturally, there is a need not only to assemble relevant content, but in the quality of everything here that is put on the air for the public to follow. In this sense, we offer the youtuber and tik tok computational infrastructure service. With it, you will have the best to start or professionalize your productions.

How it works?

Thinking exclusively about the infrastructure, we need to consider fundamental aspects for this decision, such as the amount of software needed. Naturally, when working with videos, the editing part is the most important point. For this to be possible, you need to have equipment with hardware capable of supporting this type of heavier program for editing. After all, there's no point in having good software if it won't run as it should. In addition, any video editor nowadays needs a good load to remain stable and to be usable.

Our Project

Maybe you're still wondering how exactly this service model would work, so let's talk a little more about it and how it can help you. In all, we carried out at least four steps, described below.
Requirements analysis
The most important part of the entire project, the requirements analysis is done as soon as you contact us requesting our services. With it, we can ask questions to better understand your need and what would actually make a difference in your daily use. In addition, it is at this moment that you have complete freedom to say a little more than you expect, aligning expectations so that everything goes as smoothly as possible. In this case, we also survey the technical aspects of your residence, such as support capacity, installation and use of the equipment studied below.
Prototype layout
After a lot of theoretical part putting together a true summary of everything you expect in your Youtuber and TikTok computational infrastructure, we carried out the layout of the prototype. With this layout, you can directly analyze what the finished project would look like. It is also thanks to the prototype that we were able to list which products would be used for the entire infrastructure, facilitating the customer's visualization and our future research. With this, we guarantee that everything goes exactly as expected and talked about during the first stage.
In the budget part, we will select all the necessary products for the prototype to become a reality. That is, we budgeted the values ​​of all equipment and the total cost of implementing the infrastructure. During the budget, the total cost of the project starts to become more tangible for the client, in addition to becoming easier to visualize.
Installation and compliance with standards
If everything goes well and the customer accepts the proposed budget, we carry out the entire installation of the equipment according to the prototype previously defined. In this sense, the customer does not need to worry about this step.


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