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Information Security


What is the security level of your system currently?

Do you need to assess how secure your system is currently? Or measure what are the entry possibilities for malicious attacks? If the answer is yes, you need to know the Pentest action, also known as penetration testing. Conceptually speaking, Pentenes is a test performed on the system to assess the quality of security and which attacks are actually inhibited at that time. In this way, it is possible to measure whether the system has vulnerabilities, seeking effective action plans to create a more functional protection barrier. Because of this, pentest is widely used by companies that work with sensitive data such as accounting offices or airlines, for example.

How is the service done?

When hiring a Pentest service, a professional with real knowledge in information security and networks, performs a series of attacks against the contracting company's system. At that time, he can know nothing about the current conditions, to avoid any targeted practice already thinking about this system. Thus, the professional performs the attacks and can set up this process following several guidelines, such as:

  • Social engineering;
  • Check firewalls;
  • Analysis of used ports;
  • Denial of service;
  • Password analysis;
  • How to get company news in the media;
  • Scanning for exploits;
  • Find vulnerabilities.

These are just some of the various ways in which this type of intrusion test works, that is, it is possible to see that it is a job more directed at actually causing stress to the system. In addition, it is important to emphasize that all possibilities are tested, including cases where it has nothing to do with the technical part. This means testing actions such as social engineering, mentioned in the list above. Or, still, the search for open information on the internet. With this, the professional is able to identify whether the company is experiencing some type of vulnerability in information widely disseminated on the network.

Step by step of a Pentest service

By hiring the service to carry out the Pentest, you will be able to follow the entire execution process and its creation stages. So let's go to them:


The qualified professional first needs to know what the objectives of that test are, that is, at which points the invasion attempt can be made and which cannot be accessed. In addition, the service contract must be duly signed.


Already in the developer's hands, it's time to put specific tools to scan and make a total x-ray of your entire system. For this, it is possible to carry out a simple analysis and a more complex one, the first of which consists of taking the code of a system and evaluating its construction. On the other hand, it can also be done by putting the application to run and analyzing its code acting in real time.

After discovering the weaknesses and vulnerabilities, access is made directly to the system, that is, it is the part where attacks are effectively carried out. Generally, the main tests consist of dropping backdoors to test the ease of entry and maintenance of the attack. In addition, other attacks such as SQL injection are used. Thus, having managed to enter, the tests are now to identify what is possible to do with that attack carried out, such as changing a password or stealing a database. It is also at this moment that social engineering is carried out, using a company employee who is not aware of the process carried out, so as not to interfere with their participation


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