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Open Journal System - OJS

Platform specialized in managing and publishing scientific articles

Scientific articles are in the routine of many people, from academics to companies that have a strong presence in journal publications. In this case, depending on the necessary workflow, a manager specialized in the theme makes a difference. With that in mind, we offer the services of the Open Journal System, a platform specialized in managing and publishing scientific articles, which was implemented for the first time in the country by the Brazilian Institute of Information in Science and Technology. After a few years on the market, OJS has undergone many updates, bringing even more convenience to users' daily lives. Among them, the improvement in its interface, making it simpler and more intuitive. In this sense, using a management software can be one of the great issues to optimize time and even improve the writing of articles as a whole. So, let's learn more about the Open Journal System?


There are a number of activities that OJS can perform, from the most basic to the most advanced, and talking about all of them would be complex at this point. Choosing the main ones, we can mention, for example:

  • Installed and managed through cloud services;
  • Possibility to configure the requirements, review processes, and the entire period;
  • Content management;
  • Support for revisions;
  • Email notifications;
  • Comment system for readers;
  • Content indexing;
  • Search engine;
  • Online help system;
  • Open access;
  • Plugins for new features.

The Open Journal System is complete, and even offers the possibility of installing additional plugins to further increase its list of functions. With this, the entire article publishing system of the company can be handled by the application.


There are some clear advantages when using OJS in your day-to-day business, mainly due to what we mentioned earlier about its adaptability. Each company has its own publication system and process, and the tool has the operational capacity to adapt to each one of them.


One of the main features is having the application running locally on your machine, not requiring the use of other applications or third-party support for use.


The platform as a whole will allow you to change the layout, colors and backgrounds, in order to bring you closer and closer to your business and your company. In addition, several other functionalities of the application are customizable, with just a few clicks to adapt it.


As we have already mentioned, each company has a unique creation process, and these individualities need to be respected in the right way. Therefore, the tool allows you to edit the entire editorial flow, bringing it to your reality. It is an important benefit, as it avoids the company having to adapt its employees to a new publishing reality, which generates costs.

Time reduction

Creative processes often take a long time, especially for those who are actually editing the document. With the use of the platform, this delay is overcome through the application's functionalities. As a result, the energy needed to create these posts decreases, possibly helping to optimize the creative process as a whole.

Cost reduction

Within the process of creating and publishing articles, there are a series of activities that demand costs from the company, such as the general revisions carried out before publishing. Using the tool, these costs are cut, since everything can be done in a simpler way directly through the platform, even with the online availability of resources and not requiring printing costs.


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